aff. var. of
-able in words borrowed from Latin, orig. suffixed to verb stems ending in a labial consonant
labile; nubile[/ex]
later added to other verb stems
agile; docile; facile; fragile[/ex]
Compare -tile Etymology: < L-ilis, alter. of -ibilis by haplology, ashabilis able from*habibilis II
aff. a suffix of adjectives borrowed from Latin, meaning “pertaining to or characteristic of” the class of persons named by the stem:
infantile; juvenile; puerile; virile[/ex]
Etymology: < L-ī-lis III
aff. sta a suffix used to form words denoting the value of a statistical variable that divides a distribution into a given number of equal-sized groups, as specified by the initial element of the word:
decile; percentile[/ex]
Etymology: on the model of quintile or sextile

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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